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Every effort is made to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The rooms

Patients or their families can choose whether they wish to stay in a private or double room. The limited number of private rooms available means that we cannot always satisfy requests from the first day of hospitalisation. However, we will do our best to accommodate requests as soon as possible.

Accompanying person

A bed may be made available to one of your relatives for the night*, when the medical situation so requires and in agreement with the department doctor. A meal may also be served*, or offered to people visiting you*. Requests for meals must be made in advance to reception or nursing staff. * See attached prices.


Visitors are allowed from 1pm to 8pm on weekdays and 2pm to 7pm at weekends. In addition, it is preferable to limit the number of visitors present in the room to two at any one time, in order to preserve the peace and quiet of each patient. We would also ask you to be as discreet as possible in communal areas and to avoid noisy conversations. Visits by children under the age of 15 are not permitted. Certain visits may be regulated in order to protect you from infection. In such cases, visitors are asked to follow the instructions posted on the door to your room or the instructions issued by the nursing staff.

Who to contact

  • If you have a medical question, you should first contact the doctor or nurse.
  • If you have a hotel-related problem, contact reception, a nursing auxiliary or a service agent.
  • For any administrative information, please contact reception or the admissions department.


Each room is equipped with a television. You can choose between a DTT package or a "Bouquet" package including sports, travel and thriller channels. A deposit cheque will be required to obtain the remote control. * See attached rates

Landline telephone: If you wish, you can make and receive calls from your room 24 hours a day by opening a personal line. To reach the reception desk, dial 9. To make an outside call, dial your confidential code (given to you when you open the line) and then the 10-digit number of the person you wish to call.

Your mail

Mail is delivered every morning. If you wish to send mail, please hand it, stamped, to the staff on duty or to reception before 2pm.


A hairdresser and a chiropodist, whose costs will be billed to you independently of your stay, are available by appointment. These can be booked at reception.

Worship services

If you wish, a minister of your faith can visit you. You can consult the list on the user board on the ground floor opposite the lifts.

Relaxation areas : Lounges are available in each department. You are also free to use the relaxation area on the ground floor and in the garden. In accordance with regulations, patients must not leave the establishment without special prior medical authorisation for a specific reason. The clinic accepts no responsibility for any breach of this rule.


Meals are served in your room at the following times:

  • breakfast from 8.00 am
  • lunch from 12:00 onwards
  • dinner from 6:00 p.m.

Particular care is taken to ensure that patients' diets are respected.

Identity surveillance

Ensuring your safety is one of our priorities. With this in mind, we have put in place an identity verification policy throughout your care. You will be asked to show proof of identity when you are admitted. This will enable us to check your identity and secure the registration of your care file. You will also be asked for permission to have your photo taken. We will identify you with a bracelet bearing your surname, first name, gender and date of birth, which you will keep during your stay. Your contribution is very important to us. You will be asked to identify yourself throughout your stay. Your safety can only be guaranteed by checking several sources of information at the same time.


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